Geysir Center

 Iceland - pure, untamed nature, unbridled space, impressive waterfalls, home to one of the world's most powerful geysers.  

Welcome to the Geysir area

The trademark of Iceland, the great Geysir, gave the hotel its name and Geysir is situated right outside the front door of the hotel. Haukadalur is one of Iceland’s most famous historical sites, both ancient and today. The farmer’s son from Haukadalur, Sigurdur Greipsson, founded a sports school in his father's inheritance at Haukadalur, which he operated with his wife Sigrun Bjarnadóttir for a period of forty-three years. Today Hotel Geysir is run by descendant of Sigurdur Greipsson, Mabil and Sigurdur along with their mother Sigridur Vilhjalmsdottir.

The Geysir-Center, which is directly opposite the geothermal area of Geysir and Strokkur, consists of a whole building complex with elegant restaurants, hotel, souvenir/outdoor/fashion shop, snack shop, Geysir museum with multimedia show and camping area. Right beside the hotel is a golf course and around fishing, hiking areas, Haukadalur woods and Langjökull glacier tours and other activities such as highland tours. Gullfoss waterfall is only 10 minutes away by drive. Therefore it is perfect for day trips because of many different possibilities of entertainment. Further details of activities in the region is available at the hotel's website.






This landmark of Iceland is a spectacular natural phenomenon beyond description. The geothermal field surrounding the Great Geyser is the definitive geyser, having given its name to the geological phenomena. The Strokkur, another famous geyser located nearby, gives a performance every few minutes, shooting a tower of water and steam 30 meters into the air. There are other attractions apart from the magnificent geysers. For example, Blesi, a hot spring with water the colour of turquoise delights the senses. Walking about this natural wonder, one experiences the intensity of the forces of nature. Night time offers a fascinating view of the bubbling hot springs. A pot of boiling water takes on new dimensions.

We place great pride in that all are equally pleased at the arrival and departure and your stay will be pleasant and memorable.

The hotel has twenty four twin/double studio rooms in cabins beside the river. Each are outfitted with two single/double beds, television, a comfy armchair and bathroom. A taste of luxury, just two minutes from the thermal fields. All in all, this has to be the perfect framework for rest, relaxation, and getting charged up for the next activity.

Iceland is an island capable of tempting visitors to a host of activities. One should however not forget that vacations are also for taking advantage of time by relaxing body and soul to the utmost. To reach this level of relaxation it is essential that the surroundings be conducive to this.