Geysir shop

When visiting the Geysir Centre there’s is plenty to choose from when it comes to shopping or to get your loved ones a little souvenir from your trip to Iceland.

Mount Hekla / outdoor clothing for nature-lovers

Mount Hekla is an outdoor store named after Iceland’s most active volcano: Hekla.

The store has its own outdoor clothing line and an excellent range of foreign brands such as Fjällräven, Patagonia, Birkenstock, Poler, Hestra and Tobo.

Mount Hekla is also stocked with outdoor gear for nature-lovers and camping enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for gear suited to warm or cold weather, you’ll love the selection of everything from thermos bottles and sleeping bags to hiking boots and traction slip-ons.

The interior of the store is designed to look like an abandoned supermarket after an apocalyptic volcano eruption. Just entering it is an experience on its own.


Come to Mount Hekla and equip yourself to face the power of Icelandic nature!

+354 519 6020



Keeping Iceland warm since 1926 

66°NORTH is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies. Founded in 1926 and deriving its name from the latitudinal line of the Arctic Circle, which touches Súgandafjörður, the company has been a longtime leading innovator in the creation of specialised clothing for use in the toughest conditions on land and sea.

Over the past ten years, 66°NORTH has grown extensively and is considered an expert in the production of a wide selection of outdoor clothing.

The clothing at 66°NORTH is designed for all occasions.

It will keep you sheltered and comfortable during the cold and wet winter days in the city and serve as a valuable ally when you decide to push your limits in the great outdoors. As the saying goes: ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing’.

+354 519 6020


LUNDINN / Souvenirs to suit every taste

Lundinn (Icelandic for ‘puffin’) is a gift store offering a broad selection of Icelandic souvenirs and memorabilia.

 Ranging from small keepsakes such as keychains and magnets, t-shirts and clothing to sweets and culinary treats, Lundinn provides giftware to suit every taste.

 You can find the perfect holiday gifts for everyone at our store and bring home memories of Iceland in the form of souvenirs. A fun way to remember your trip! 

+354 519 6020