Iceland's main attraction is its pure and untouched nature, and Hotel Geysir is close to one of Iceland's major jewel. We all need to be aware of the fact that natural resources are limited and the ability of the environment to sustain vital processes can be easily disrupted. We have adopted a sustainable strategy where we want to consider and combine the needs of nature and of our guests. We focus on protecting natural resources with responsible use of energy, water and materials while ensuring our guests first-class service in line with their expectations.

Environmental objectives:

·   Manage resources well, reduce waste and increase recycling.

·   Choose products and services considering the environment.

·   Recycle as much as possible.

·   Emphasize the use of Icelandic raw materials and resources.

·   Comply with environmental laws and regulations and surpass where appropriate.

·   Inform guests on the hotel's environmental policy and how they can participate.

·   Educate employees and service providers about the environment and encourage improvement in this matter.

·   Keep the nature clean and respect it.

·   Ensure the safety of our guests and be tactful.

·   Have a positive impact on the local community.

·   Follow environmental innovations and promote general environmental awareness.

·   Offer organically grown products when possible.

·   Regularly monitor the settings of appliances and water usage in the kitchen and laundry.

·   Do not offer disposable or specially packaged products, if possible.

·   Sort all waste and send to recycling centers as much as possible.

·   Make sorting for recycling accessible to guests and employees.

Green and renewable energy

Hotel Geysir is operated and heated exclusively with green and renewable energy.

All electricity that is used at the hotel is produced by a green energy hydroelectric power plant.

Natural source run-off water is self-drained from the geothermal area to the hotel and used for heating the hotel.

Hotel Geysir has invested in 70 hectares of wetland for the protection of the wetlands. We push ourselves in forestation, have planted a huge number of trees and try to plant annually.

Suppliers from the local area

Hotel Geysir tries to utilize as much as possible of products from the local community. Many greenhouses, that produce vegetables all year round by utilizing geothermal heat, are in South Iceland. All meat and dairy products we use are produced without hormones or antibiotics.

To respect nature and keep it clean

We sort and weigh all garbage and waste and send for recycling as much as possible. We use certified soaps and detergents, and we use the materials sparingly. We ensure that staff have good knowledge and apply acceptable methods in the hotel's environmental operations and keep abreast of environmental innovations. We do not offer disposable products when possible and we ensure that waste sorting is accessible to both employees and visitors. Our procurement policy prescribes the purchase of bio-certified products together with products from our local area, if possible. We are an active participant in environmental and community work, and we want to do our best to strengthen such work. Our staff can travel together to and from work on a bus we provide.

We respect the rights of staff

We, of course, pay wages in accordance with applicable collective wage agreements and our human resources policy regarding prevention, staff and development policies is explicit. Annually we have a first-aid course for our staff. We also have a current equality plan as well as a workplace bullying response plan. New employees are trained, and all employees receive an employee handbook for work guidance. We are a health-promoting workplace and support our staff in health care in a variety of ways.

We reduce energy consumption

·   Always use LED’s and energy-saving light bulbs when renewed, not incandescent lamps.

·   Choose energy-efficient devices when purchasing.

·   Work systematically to reduce energy consumption.

·   We have a positive impact on society.

·   We do business with locals as much as possible and support good local issues.

·   We support regional development policy by operating all year.